• Are you leaving your job?
  • Are you in a career transition?
  • Do you work full-time remotely?
  • Have you always dreamed of a mystical trip to Bali?
  • Would you like to live for a Month in CHAKRUNA TEMPORARY LODGE in Bali?
  • Write also your period, 2 weeks or 1 month?

Join Us, from 6 September to 6 October 2019

Mystic Sabbatical Month in Bali 

CoLiving – CoLoving – CoSpirit – CoWorking

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What happens during this Mystic Sabbatical Month in Bali, Indonesia?


It is a mystical and “sabbatical” experience co-created and designed to give you a break from your work routine and at the same time it is productive time in one of the most mystical places on the planet: BALI.

With this concept, you will symply enjoy your mystical journeys, your distance work, learning and coworking with your peers, spiritual growth and professional time in a unique and unprecedented experience.

We believe that peak experiences are not those that are consumed by tourists but those that are co-created by the participants to live a real spiritual journey, following the style of travel we call: The Orgasmic Way of Living.

Our main focus for this month in Bali is to create BALANCE. Balance between our professional, personal and spiritual growth.

With this concept, we’re creating the environment to enjoy our mystical journeys, focus on our spiritual growth, learn and work with like minded people.

Spiritual growth without losing focus on your business in a unique and unprecedented experience.

This enthralling Mystical Sabbatical experience is for you, finds time, space and structure to get out of the routine, create new relationships and find new perspectives, grow spiritually for a month in Bali.

Of course we will not only have mystical experiences and do coworking, we also love having fun and we believe that the most important moments of life come when we embrace serendipity and we live immersed in the present moment. This is what you can expect from Chakruna’s Mystical Sabbatical month. A unique, mystical, fun, productive and stimulating co-created environment.

This experience in itself is not a fixed structure and organization. You can work whenever you want, on what you want. There is no step by step, everything you do is voluntary. Our goal is to create a useful coworking structure so you can start or quit work whenever you want, live experiences of great spiritual growth, such as trance dance, yoga, the discovery of Balinese temples and their ancient spiritual knowledge .

We believe that peak experiences are not those consumed by tourists but those cocreated by the participants to live a real spiritual journey, following the style of travel we call: The Orgasmic Way of Living.

Send your application, a selection interview is required. Write also your period, 2 weeks or 1 month?

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Lorenzo Olivieri

CHAKRUNA Cofounder, Director of Comunication & Cultural Exchange


An explorer of ancestral cults and mystical traditions of ancient peoples, he experiments on himself the knowledge he discovers and spreads, in union between body, mind and spirit. He organized mystical journeys together with his friend and colleague Jacopo Tabanelli, with whom he discovered the myth of the Orgasmic Way of Living, founding the company of mystic explorations CHAKRUNA. Since 2015 together with Jacopo he has accompanied more than 60 explorers on mystical journey in what they call Peru Visionario. He will start from 6th December to 18th April 2019 to take care of the communication and the enterprise of the first CHAKRUNA TEMPORARY LODGE in Peru in Pisac He is the teacher of the 7 Tibetan Rites Yoga, and he shares this discipline all over the world. Moreover, since 2016 he is a certified teacher of contact with the invisible masters (guiding spirits) from the Igor Sibaldi Mentoship.


Ioana Lupa

Experience Design Director


Ioana‘s impeccable work ethics and skills in logistic planning and event production have been formed by years of experience building, hosting, and designing a variety of events for companies all over the world. She currently oversees the growth of CHAKRUNA in Asia.


Jacopo Tabanelli

CHAKRUNA Cofounder & Director of Mystic Itineraries and Guide Training


Cofounder of  Chakruna Mystical Travel Company. Trainer, explorer, professor of Cinema and director, archeology enthusiast, researcher of methods to improve performance and overcome blocks, teaches energetic and regressive techniques around Italy. He disseminates quantum and hypnotic techniques for learning and improving quality of life. He also founded SCUOLA 3.0 Social Project, which disseminates innovative strategies for students, teachers and parents on the themes of the discovery of their talents, effective learning and communication in collaboration with Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Maps and a Nobel Peace Prize for global mental literacy.


Dirk Azijn

CHAKRUNA Mystic Guide Asia


Born traveler. His motto has always been: the world is my home, the earth is my mother. Born in Belgium, he dreams of changing the world, studies Social Sciences and gets a degree in Labour and Company Sociology. He works in Flemish non profit organizations until he is 30. Then he makes a long trip to Kenya, falls in love and moves to Italy, to Milan. After various jobs and marketing courses in the first phase of introduction in the labour market, he works as a commercial director in large industrial companies for many years. With his job he maintains his family, wife and 2 children, but his work is never as exciting as the magnificence of nature and the contact with the various peoples of the world and their spirituality. Every year he makes several trips and explores the world far and wide. In particular he travels a lot in South East Asia, which he finds extremely fascinating. In the meantime he meets Italo Rishi Cillo and becomes his devoted student. Friends and family ask him constantly to organize trips all over the world. And so one day he meets Chakruna and decides to offer his travel experience to groups of mystical explorers.

Our role During Mystic Sabathical our role is to provide support and a range of activities that will help you get closer to your orgasmic way of living.

You can join us for one month or a couple of weeks and still have access to workshops, yoga classes, meet-ups and local trips.

Come discover the beauty of life and Bali with us!”

Lorenzo Olivieri

It’s your turn! 


Send your application, a selection interview is required. Write also your period, 2 weeks or 1 month?

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Stop your routine, take a sabbatical month in the most mystical place on the planet, without interrupting your career.


  • Private Accommodation

    You can also choose to share your room

  • Yoga of seven Tibetan rites & meditation morning lessons

    Mystical Guides at your disposal (Lorenzo & Jacopo)

  • Workshops to set your mind & spirit and reach your goals

    With Energetics & Healing Technics

  • Adventures with an incredible community of peers.

    All the people that will come are freelance like you

  • Weekly open day with local activities

    Local food, handcraft, wellness & holistic products

  • Weekly parties & trips

    We’ll explore Bali and surroundings together

  • International community

    CHAKRUNA – The Orgasmic Way of Living is a Tribe founded in Perù & Italy and is spreading in Asia and all over the world

  • Mystical excursions

    Also with our Mystic Guides Dirk Azijn

  • Trance Dance

    For let it go

  • The rest is interactive and co-organized by you too.

    You are the protagonist!

Send your application, a selection interview is required. Write also your period, 2 weeks or 1 month?

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

There are many ways to travel; low cost, organized, adventure, game, to celebrate life. Then there is the CHAKRUNA travel which amplifies and transcends all the previous categories. It means eating natural and authentic foods, dancing in the streets of cities, living every moment with intensity and above all growing together. Because in sharing you can vibrate at the frequency of the Orgasmic Way of Living! Traveling CHAKRUNA is not for everyone, but only for those who decide to leave their mental luggage at home, knowing that when they return they will need less security as they have taken an important step towards the essentials.

Valerio Caponetti
Entrepreneur & CHAKRUNA Explorers

Friends, magic, taste of potatoes, the ruthless sky of Peru, a sky that leaves no way out to those with a heart to bloom. The experience CHAKRUNA goes well with the incessant flow of life, flow that gives wonders and amazement in those who allow themselves to be crossed and guided. Every place and every meeting of this trip brought me back to myself, The traveling companions angels attentive helped me in a deeper exploration, so I discovered that life is an Orgasmic Way of Living in its entirety. The journey thus becomes an opportunity to discover other worlds, other faces, a new way of life in the heart, and in the heart. I will always keep in mind the experience that has brought me beyond me, enjoy every moment is a choice. I want to thank all my traveling companions, each of them gave me his love and taught something, that you can always be happy, my friends. Chakrunaaaaaaaaaaa!

Vega Roze
Artist, Writer & CHAKRUNA Explorers

I did not know I could leave until 3 days before embarking. Probably I did not even know it later, the difference between dream and reality is a blink of an eye. The heart, here, I remember exploding, When I got off the taxi in Cusco I drew the landscape with my eyes. I was in Peru, my feet rested on the floor of my dream, which, with open eyes and the heart in the orchestra, was realized for real. ‘Wow, I’m here, guys I can not believe it has become the mantra of my living room, I was not prepared and ready to jump beyond the world and this gave me a stupor after another. The Chakruna Experience can not be told in a word, meaning would be limited in any case. What I will carry with me forever, Thanks to Jacopo and Lorenzo and to the quality of the choices they have made for us, for the sake of having given us a unique adventure. The feeling is that I will never be the person I was before the trip. I have so much more resolution in my eyes, I feel new nuances, details that I did not perceive, breath new life and I really see colors that were not there before. I am deeply grateful to you, even to this experience and to me, for making it possible. Thanks also to the traveling companions, who have become profound companions of life. Thank you. Chakruna!

Stefano Scialpi
Personal Growth Trainer & CHAKRUNA Explorers

Coincidences or case? I would say synchronicity. When the conditions inside and outside of me were manifested, the journey arrived with Lorenzo and Jacopo in Peru and Bolivia, and it was so precious and significant for my personal journey that I decided to start with them for a second adventure! In them I found two companions of adventures, like me, discovering the things of the world, of life and of oneself. Chakruna journeys can be experiences of profound transformation, if we start with this intention; not only because of the strength of the places we visit, of the lands on which we walk, but also because of the attention and care that Lore & Jaco express with their hearts, carrying out their mission. These are journeys that have a taste of authenticity, openness and joy towards life and all that surrounds us. Chakruna !!! Love Love Love

Chiara Tansini
Archictet, Artist & CHAKRUNA Explorers

Send your application, a selection interview is required.  Write also your period, 2 weeks or 1 month?

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Lorenzo Olivieri

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