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Inauguration January 1st 2019 – Sharing Dinner


Vanessa Catta Solinas

Art Director & Event Manager


Then the call: In 2014 she leaves Italy for Peru where she will live for 2 years, travelling and learning a lot about the places and spiritual culture of this land. Here she opens, together with two Peruvian partners, a cultural center that welcomes volunteers and travellers from all over the world, working with local institutions and populations, organizing events and meetings of exchange between travellers and locals. She participates to various ceremonies with the use of master plants as a facilitator. For many years she has increased her growth path by meeting and studying with different masters, both in Italy and in Peru.
Moved by the desire to share this knowledge, she starts to accompany groups from Italy to Peru, where she then meets CHAKRUNA … and The Orgasmic Way’s coming!

Lorenzo Olivieri

CHAKRUNA Cofounder, Director of Comunication & Cultural Exchange


An explorer of ancestral cults and mystical traditions of ancient peoples, he experiments on himself the knowledge he discovers and spreads, in union between body, mind and spirit. He organized mystical journeys together with his friend and colleague Jacopo Tabanelli, with whom he discovered the myth of the Orgasmic Way of Living, founding the company of mystic explorations CHAKRUNA. Since 2015 together with Jacopo he has accompanied more than 60 explorers on mystical journey in what they call Peru Visionario. It will start from 6 December to 18 April 2019 to take care of the communication and the enterprise of the first CHAKRUNA TEMPORARY LODGE in Peru in Pisac He is the teacher of the Yoga of the 7 Tibetan Rites, and he shares this discipline all over the world. Moreover, since 2016 he is a certified teacher of contact with the invisible masters (guiding spirits) from the Igor Sibaldi

Lorenzo Olivieri


Pisac, Sacred Valley, Peru

Pisac: Calle Arequipa 286 – inside Andenes de Pisaq Lodging House


From preparation to integration: a journey of love with Papà Wachuma.

The sacred plant will be cooked in a traditional way with mountain water.

The preparation of the medicine is done with attention, accompanied by the Moon, of songs and putting the intention for a transformative trip and of enquentro with the / the interior teacher.

The ceremony will begin by sharing the intentions (that for who will want it can be personal) and it will conclude with the integration of experience.

To follow a shared dinner around the fire welcoming Full Moon.

1 Marzo h 10 am, Apu Linli, Pisac
It’s Essential Reserve your place,
please send us a massage
Vanessa 935 421 965 (WA) Lorenzo 931116322
Ayni 140 Soles with transport and fire

A phone call is welcome to confirm your participation and to get to know each other before the ceremony. There is a preparation before drinking medicine, you will have the opportunity to outline more strongly the intent for this ceremony


  • Yoga Room & Garden

    Every Day Lessons of Yoga of Seven Tibetan Rites & Meditation

  • Open Kitchen

    You can cook what you Like

  • Wi-Fi with optic fiber & Coworking Area

    Working Point for Freelance with own laptop

  • 11 Rooms for Guests

    Private bathroom, single, matrimonial & double with hot water

  • Weekly Open Day with local activity

    Local Food, handicraft wellness & holistic products

  • Sacred Plants Ceremony

    Collaboration with real & best Shamans & Curanderos from all Perù  (Ouside Lodge)

  • International Community

    CHAKRUNA – The Orgasmic Way of Living is a Tribe founded in Perù & Italy and is spreading all over the world

  • Support for organizing your Events (inside Lodge)

    We can organize meeting, festival and road show

  • Support for organizing Concerts & Festivals

    Live Music are Welcome

  • Reception & Program for Volunteers

    Activity for Working Volunteers

  • Space for Exposition & Exhbition, for works of art, products, objects (sales account)

Mystic Traveler in Peru Since 2014

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

If you are in Europe you can meet us in our First CHAKRUNA HOUSE in Rimini, Italy (photo below)

Friends, magic, taste of potatoes, the ruthless sky of Peru, a sky that leaves no way out to those with a heart to bloom. The experience CHAKRUNA goes well with the incessant flow of life, flow that gives wonders and amazement in those who allow themselves to be crossed and guided. Every place and every meeting of this trip brought me back to myself, The traveling companions angels attentive helped me in a deeper exploration, so I discovered that life is an Orgasmic Way of Living in its entirety. The journey thus becomes an opportunity to discover other worlds, other faces, a new way of life in the heart, and in the heart. I will always keep in mind the experience that has brought me beyond me, enjoy every moment is a choice. I want to thank all my traveling companions, each of them gave me his love and taught something, that you can always be happy, my friends. Chakrunaaaaaaaaaaa!

Vega Roze

Vega Roze
Artist, Writer & CHAKRUNA Explorers

Coincidences or case? I would say synchronicity. When the conditions inside and outside of me were manifested, the journey arrived with Lorenzo and Jacopo in Peru and Bolivia, and it was so precious and significant for my personal journey that I decided to start with them for a second adventure! In them I found two companions of adventures, like me, discovering the things of the world, of life and of oneself. Chakruna journeys can be experiences of profound transformation, if we start with this intention; not only because of the strength of the places we visit, of the lands on which we walk, but also because of the attention and care that Lore & Jaco express with their hearts, carrying out their mission. These are journeys that have a taste of authenticity, openness and joy towards life and all that surrounds us. Chakruna !!! Love Love Love

Chiara Tansini

Chiara Tansini
Archictet, Artist & CHAKRUNA Explorers

He is the founder together with Lorenzo Olivieri of the Chakruna Mystical Travel Company. Trainer, explorer, professor of Cinema and director, archeology enthusiast, researcher of methods to improve performance and overcome blocks, teaches energetic and regressive techniques around Italy. It disseminates quantum and hypnotic techniques for learning and improving quality of life. He is the creator of the SCUOLA 3.0 Social Project, which disseminates innovative strategies for students, teachers and parents on the themes of the discovery of their talents, effective learning and communication. Collaborate with Tony Buzan, inventor of Mind Maps and a Nobel Peace Prize for mental literacy in the world.

Jacopo Tabanelli

CHAKRUNA Cofounder & Director of Mystic Itineraries and Guide Training


There are many ways to travel; low cost, organized, adventure, game, to celebrate life. Then there is the CHAKRUNA travel which amplifies and transcends all the previous categories. It means eating natural and authentic foods, dancing in the streets of cities, living every moment with intensity and above all growing together. Because in sharing you can vibrate at the frequency of the Orgasmic Way of Living! Traveling CHAKRUNA is not for everyone, but only for those who decide to leave their mental luggage at home, knowing that when they return they will need less security as they have taken an important step towards the essentials.


Valerio Caponetti

Valerio Caponetti
Entrepreneur & CHAKRUNA Explorers

I did not know I could leave until 3 days before embarking. Probably I did not even know it later, the difference between dream and reality is a blink of an eye. The heart, here, I remember exploding, When I got off the taxi in Cusco I drew the landscape with my eyes. I was in Peru, my feet rested on the floor of my dream, which, with open eyes and the heart in the orchestra, was realized for real. ‘Wow, I’m here, guys I can not believe it has become the mantra of my living room, I was not prepared and ready to jump beyond the world and this gave me a stupor after another. The Chakruna Experience can not be told in a word, meaning would be limited in any case. What I will carry with me forever, Thanks to Jacopo and Lorenzo and to the quality of the choices they have made for us, for the sake of having given us a unique adventure. The feeling is that I will never be the person I was before the trip. I have so much more resolution in my eyes, I feel new nuances, details that I did not perceive, breath new life and I really see colors that were not there before. I am deeply grateful to you, even to this experience and to me, for making it possible. Thanks also to the traveling companions, who have become profound companions of life. Thank you. Chakruna!

Stefano Scialpi

Stefano Scialpi
Personal Growth Trainer & CHAKRUNA Explorers

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Lorenzo Olivieri

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