The Journey of the Body and Soul


Wild Edition*
from 22 December 2023 to 5 January 2024
(Christmas and New Year Mystical Experience)

“India is not a promise,
it is a call.”
– Edward Morgan Forster

India is one of the most unique and diverse places in the world. 

Not only for the particular culture and ancient civilizations, but because this land is able to change you and your perception on life.
You will realize it in the very first moments spent in this mystical land called Magical India.

This Mystical Journey will take you to experience ancient teachings and sacred practices , music, culture, lights, colors, smells, pain and love, poverty and spirituality.

A mix that will guide you to seek the answers that your soul needs to hear in that precise moment. What you will learn will not only leave you with a profound transformation, but will give you new tools to manage your life in a totally different way from what we have learned in the Western world.

This is the journey of the present
where everything will be measured in the here and now.

This Journey is for a limited number of participants.

india del nord

North India
The Journey of Body, Spirit and Mind.

We live in an increasingly disconnected reality.

This term refers to a detachment from everything that is nature, love for others but above all love for oneself and the connection with one’s own self.

Who are you, where are you going?
What is your mission in this life?
What does your sensations, emotions and manifestations of your body say about you?
What do you really want?

If you have questions that pervade your inner self, the trip to India has the answers in store for you.


Remove, Release, Re-energize, Revitalize

The purpose of this process will be to Remove and Release what is no longer needed from the past, the stagnant energy and impurities to Re-start a new chapter of your life, feel Re-energized and Revitalized with the prospect of a new horizon ahead of you.

Body Movement, Meditation, Breathing, Sacred Rituals, Dance, Mantra and Energy Work

We will travel to northern India and our days will be planned with different moments and experiences, almost as if this trip has an internal (and external) journey and process.

We will carry out group work and personal introspection, practice active and passive meditations, breathing practices, yoga, visit sacred places and meet people with incredible life stories.

You will also receive a special reading about who you are and your life’s mission.

india lavori energetici

Watch the interview with Jacopo Tabanelli

one of the co-founder of Chakruna Way of Living

Who will take you

through this experience…

Dileri Sadhana

HI! I’m Dileri Sadhana, I’ve always been traveling and nothing has changed me more than India.

The desire was born to enclose my spiritual journey of 10 years of travel in this magical place, for those who want to get closer to their feelings in a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional way.

India gives pills of wisdom even simply by observing it.

It is a strong country, full of unexpected events, surprises, controversies, living outside your comfort zone, and at the same time, everything becomes a life lesson. The memories of this place remain vivid even after many years, like a tattoo in the soul.

During the trip I will bring several of my sessions and skills to the service of the participants for the success of an evolution that will occur naturally.


My story

My trainings

I took a one-way flight to India 10 years ago and...

I began training as an Ayurvedic Therapist in South India. On the same trip I approached Osho’s Active Meditations to free the body from the chains of stress, anxiety and worries. During my rebirth phase I began studying Pilates, both Matwork and Machines, while living between Thailand and Malaysia.

I wanted to understand the body more and more and how to help free it with movement and mind-body disciplines. In all the years that followed, I did many trainings from Yoga, Breathwork, Myofascial Release, Conscious Dance, Passive Meditation and deep Ayurvedic Bodywork, a gift that my clients consider a reading of the soul.


india lavori energetici

I have worked internationally


for various Wellness Festivals and in many spiritual and holistic centers dedicated to movement.

My nature is to help others live a simpler, lighter life by approaching spirituality by looking inside themselves to understand who they really are and discover their potential.

I help people recognize their blocks and evolve from them to fully live everyday life.
In recent years I have trained with a traditional tantric school to generate energy sessions in the astral remotely and live, and I also became a therapist and teacher of Kashmiri Tantric Massage.

My mission is to help others with my special system of Holistic Bodywork (mind and body). I recently founded the #ilcoachdelcorpoedelsentire path, an 8-week path for body and movement therapists.

Last but not least, I am a Mystic Guide for Chakruna Way Living and I look forward to take you on this Journey!


What do the participants say?

📌 I can only advise you to personally try this magical experience that cannot be explained in words but only experienced, and I am sure it will surprise you too. A great professional.”

Isabella Caddeo

📌 “I met Dileri at a circle of women proposed by her and I immediately perceived a profound assonance with her soul.

I recently participated in a seminar held by her and other holistic operators and subsequently asked her for an individual consultation because I believe in her listening, perceiving and helping skills.

What I like most about Dileri is his ability to enter into harmony with others, with great speed, but, at the same time, with refined depth. Her knowledge of the human soul is surprising, her humility in sharing and her knowledge is fascinating.

I highly recommend meeting Dileri and then everything will come by itself.”

Rita Piazza

📌 “My first Ayurvedic experience, coming across it almost by chance… but perhaps it wasn’t so random.

She arrived at the right time when I was looking for something in myself and gave me the right keys to start listening to my true essence. One touch from her was enough to make me release my tension. With her touch she found the right contact with myself and she told me, with her extreme sweetness, what she felt about me, that something about myself that I was looking for.

This happens when energy materializes…and it happened with her. Thanks Infinite!

I hope to relive this experience soon.”

Viviana Campanile

📌 “Meeting Dileri wasn’t a coincidence, I’m sure of it. I had the precious opportunity to practice active meditation, yoga, reflexology and Ayurvedic massage with her.

Dileri is able to read inside you, transforming into words what your body and therefore your soul are experiencing emotionally.

She brought out my true nature, providing me with the tools to continue to evolve, transmitting a very strong inner joy. The Ayurvedic massage experience allowed me to begin to concretely deal with a part of myself that I had chosen to keep aside… suffocating my true Essence.

During the massage, Dileri recognized the Signs, Felt the Emotions that my body was experiencing, and returned me to the World and the Universe, untying knots.

The energy transmitted was, and still is, days later, crazy . Thank you!”

 Fiorella Scagnoli

📌 “What can I say? I wouldn’t know where to start to pay heartfelt compliments to a classy Ayurvedic masseuse like Dileri.

I thought it would be the usual massage to relax the muscles and nothing more but instead she managed to create a magical atmosphere in a room we rented after a week of excursions between the sea and the mountains.

We were tired but Dileri was exceptional because in an hour and a half of massage she was able to make me feel one with body, soul and spirit.

The feeling of unity with the universal cosmic energy was total and I felt a lightness as if for a moment I had hovered in the air.

And all my muscles said thank you 🙏 the sciatic nerve in particular benefited from the massage, in fact it hasn’t given me any problems for a few months now and my posture is almost perfect. Thanks Dileri, I hope to meet you again soon .”

Antonina Atzori

Daily Program

North India – December 2023 January 2024


 December, 22 2023



Accommodation in a spiritual place
where Spiritual practices will begin.


 December, 23 2023


Approach to Active Meditations
Conscious movement of the body
Encounter with Ayurveda


 December, 24 2023


Deep breathing work
Visit some sacred places in Delhi
Meeting with local communities

 December, 25 2023


Passive Meditations
Ayurvedic Work on Touch and the Art of Touch
Visit to Spiritual Delhi


 December, 26 2023


Visit the Pink City in Jaipur.
Tour of a Spiritual Jaipur


December, 27-30 2023

DAY 6-7-8-9

The encounter with local dance, local music and the connection between art and spirituality. We will explore temples and connect with local culture.


 December, 31 2023

DAY 10

Visit to Agra and Taj Mahal, the most beautiful mausoleum in the world considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We will spend New Year’s Eve celebrating in this magnificent place.


 January, 1 2024

DAY 11

Departure for Varanasi by train.
Varanasi is one of the holiest destinations in all of India


 January, 2-3-4  2024

We will explore Varanasi at different times
Evocative boat tour at dawn
Visit to Sacred Places
“Evening Aarti”
Ceremony Meetings with local Devotees to understand their Spiritual Life and the encounter with the reality of Death in a metaphysical key.


 January, 5 2024

DAY 15

Final circle and departure for Delhi

* Wild Edition is the edition of the Chakruna trips for which the company itself and the Mystical Guide reserve the right to change one/more stages and/or some of the activities planned to improve the participants’ experience.


This program includes meetings with local people who are Masters of Life, events related to singing, music, local culture but not only, spiritual rites and ceremonies that activate profound personal transformations.


Send your application through the following link
to get all the information on the mystical journey:

The Mystical Guide Dileri Sadhana has been certified by the Master conducted by the Founders ofChakruna Way of Living:


Lorenzo Olivieri

Lorenzo ha iniziato il suo percorso professionale nel ruolo di staff durante gli eventi delle principali organizzazioni di crescita personale e spirituale in Italia.

Sin dai primi anni 2000, ha unito il suo talento da organizzatore eventi con i suoi studi sull’internet marketing. In seguito le sue ricerche spirituali lo hanno prima trasformato in un imprenditore sociale – poi in esploratore – dando vita insieme al suo amico e socio di una vita Jacopo Tabanelli, alla Compagnia di Viaggi Mistici CHAKRUNA WAY OF LIVING.

Dal 2015 accompagnano esploratori in viaggi mistici in tre continenti: Sud America, Europa e Asia. Questa sua missione lo ha portato a vivere sulle Ande Peruviane per circa sei mesi all’anno, dove cura anche le attività burocratiche della Compagnia.

Ama la musica che esprime le radici culturali e ancestrali dei popoli che incontra. Insieme al team di CHAKRUNA, raccoglie attorno a sé una comunità internazionale di esploratori che uniscono lo stile di vita che desiderano, la ricerca mistica e spirituale e la propria professione nel mondo del benessere. 


Jacopo Tabanelli

Esploratore, Formatore, Imprenditore sociale, regista e docente di Cinema, appassionato di archeologia. Esperto di Tecniche Ipnotiche ed Energetiche, ha studiato col dott. Gianni Fortunato, Bert Hellinger e Alejandro Jodorowsky in Italia, con il dott. Paret in Francia e con Martin Pinedo, Nuñez del Prado e Huaman Taipe a Cuzco, Perù.

Vivendo la missione di espandere il livello di coscienza nel mondo, ha fondato insieme a Lorenzo Olivieri la Compagnia di Viaggi Mistici CHAKRUNA.

Diffonde l’alfabetizzazione mentale e le Mind Maps in Scuole e Aziende in Italia e in Malesia, al seguito di Tony Buzan, inventore delle Mappe Mentali, candidato al Nobel per la Pace ed esperto mondiale di creatività. E’ il fondatore di SCUOLA 3.0, che con un Team di Trainer contribuisce all’innovazione della Scuola e dell’educazione in Italia.

Collabora con Enti e Aziende in qualità di Trainer e formatore sui temi delle Tecniche Ipnotiche, della Comunicazione e dell’Apprendimento efficace.

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May I know the cost to participate?

I nostri Viaggi e Retreat Mistici sono personalizzati e per questo ti chiediamo prima di rispondere alle domande del questionario di candidatura, senza impegno. Analizzeremo le tue risposte e ti scriveremo per organizzare la video chiamata di svolta. Nella video chiamata risponderemo a tutte le tue domande, anche a quelle di natura economica e valuteremo insieme la tua partecipazione.

Can I get more information on the program?

Si, sempre dopo la tua candidatura, durante la video chiamata di svolta, andremo in profondità su tutto il programma del Viaggio Mistico.

May I know how transfers work?

Il volo andata e ritorno da/per Delhi, è a tuo carico. Questa attualmente è la soluzione ideale per garantirti una maggiore flessibilità nella scelta del volo più adatto. Al tuo arrivo ci sarà l’opzione di un transfer privato pagato da noi, dall’aeroporto di Delhi in data ed orario prestabilito. Nel caso i tuoi orari non coincidessero, potrai arrivare liberamente con un Taxi in questo caso a carico tuo (i costi in India sono molto bassi). Noi ti aspetteremo in un Centro Spirituale che ti comunicheremo successivamente. Dopo la tua candidatura, durante la video chiamata di svolta, andremo in profondità su tutti i trasferimenti.

Is it possible to stay in a single room?

I valori e le intenzioni di questo Viaggio Mistico si sposano fortemente con la vita comunitaria. Il nostro invito è a propendere per il soggiorno in camera condivise o simili. Possiamo discutere le tue esigenze in seguito alla tua candidatura, durante la chiamata di svolta. Desideriamo che tu possa partecipare al Viaggio Mistico in piena serenità in accordo con i tuoi bisogni.

I have specific food allergies/requirements, can I participate in the Retreat?

Certamente! Per noi è importante parlare nello specifico della difficoltà in questione e faremo tutto il possibile per accontentarti. Ciò che farà parte di questo viaggio Mistico, sarà la cucina vegetariana per una questione purificazione spirituale. I dettagli sulle tue esigenze verranno discusse durante la call di svolta.

Are there discounts if I participate as a couple or with friends?

Si, normalmente ci sono sconti se partecipi in coppia o con amici, dopo la tua candidatura nella video chiamata di svolta ti spiegheremo meglio tutto.

Are there discounts if I have already participated in another mystical journey?

Si, normalmente ci sono sconti per chi è già Esploratore dell’Essere, dopo la tua candidatura nella video chiamata di svolta ti spiegheremo meglio tutto.