Come with us on New Year’s Eve 2020 to explore the visionary side of Perù

From December 28th 2019 to January 13th 2020 with mystic guides, Francesca Giovannini & Lorenzo Olivieri

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BE AWARE: Reconnecting within yourself the feminine and masculine side generates a cosmic orgasm that you will find the urge to share with as many human beings as possible!

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The main feeling we felt on this past trip has been the orgasm of our body, mind and spirit!

As the Peruvians love to say, Mother Nature, the “naturaleza”, is an integral part of the human being, and if we embed it within us we can find a communion within ourselves, the so called Cosmic Orgasm.

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We will meet people and different ways of living with nature and their true spirituality.

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The Itinerant Seminar will take place along this itinerary.

  • December 28th 2019. After applying and confirming your departure with Lorenzo and Jacopo, book the flights that will take you to Cusco.

  • Casa de la Gringa – with Lesley Myburgh. We will settle in Cusco for 3 days

  • Explore the mysteries and culture of the Inka Empire: we will enter the Inka culture, discovering several Andean museums and works of art.

  • Explore the Templo del Sol of Sacsayhuaman

  • Visit the City of Pisac and explore the beautiful citadel’s ruins and some traditional Andean communities

  • Exploring the old city of the Inkas Ollantaytambo

  • From Ollantaytambo we will go to explore Macchu Picchu

  • We will live fabulos energy of Macchu Picchu

  • We will come back in navel of the world: Cusco

  • Meet with the Andean spiritual teachings and experiences

  • New Year following the teachings of the Andean Shamanism

  • Discovering the Andean gastronomic culture.

  • Embark on a journey to the legendary Lake Titicaca, the highest natural lake in the world, aldo Bolivian side.

  • Exploring Isla de la Luna (Lago Titicaca) Bolivia

  • And the Isla del Sol

  • Exploration of the markets and the ways of aggregation of the Andean people.

  • Exploring the cultural and folkloric part of Cusco

  • Departure to Italy on the 13th January 2020 with your Orgasmic Way of Living

True freedom is attainable only when each human being is free to ENJOY fully all the blessings that the world offers us.

(a selection interview is needed)

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Le Guide Mistiche CHAKRUNA che verranno con te sono:

Francesca Giovannini

Originally from Milan, I have been living in the Sacred Valley of Peru for two years, in the town of Pisac. Before moving to Peru, I lived and worked in various locations around the world, including Colombia, Tanzania, Kenya and Nepal, where I was involved in various humanitarian projects in the areas of child protection and humanitarian emergency. In 2015 from Kenya I moved to Nepal where I worked after the earthquake relief operations. This part of my life marked my first contact with spirituality, given that it was in the two years between Nepal and India that I began to combine humanitarian work with the study of Eastern philosophy and the practice of meditation. Thanks to these experiences, the spiritual search started the next chapter of my life, which led me first to walk the incredible Camino de Santiago until I landed in Peru in the summer of 2017. After coming into contact with the Ayahuasca Sacred Plants and San Pedro, I never left. Working with these plants, both in the Sacred Valley and in the Peruvian jungle, has deeply shaken my pre-existing notions about the world and opened me up to a new awareness. From this moment I heard a call to deepen the knowledge of these plants, convinced of their importance in accelerating the process of self-realization and the healing of traumas and fears. From this moment my life has changed so deeply that I have chosen to abandon the previous path and continue my journey of life in the Peruvian Andes, where for two years now my mission has become to share the search for knowledge, truth and love with all those who feel the desire to take the same path as me.

Lorenzo Olivieri

Cofounder of CHAKRUNA The Orgasmic Way of Living. An explorer of ancestral cults and mystical traditions of ancient peoples, he experiments on himself the knowledge he discovers and spreads, in union between body, mind and spirit. He organizes mystical journeys with his friend and colleague Jacopo Tabanelli, with whom he discovered the Myth of the Orgasmic Way of Living by founding the mystical exploration company CHAKRUNA The Orgasmic Way of Living. Since 2015, together with Jacopo, he has accompanied more than 60 explorers on a mystical journey to what they call Peru Visionary. He take care with Vanessa & Jacopo first CHAKRUNA TEMPORARY LODGE in Peru in Pisac He is a teacher of Yoga of the 7 Tibetan Rites, and shares this discipline all over the world. In addition, since 2016 he is a certified teacher of contact with invisible masters (spirit guides) from the methodology of Igor Sibaldi. He founded vith Vanessa & Jacopo SOS AMAZôNIA Benefit Festival

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