November 9th-16th 2019

Zion is a place that calls you back home into your self.  It is a place where the roots of the mother run deep.

  • The Ancestors who walked this land before us speak strongly on the wind and in the song of the crows who guard these canyon walls.
  • This is a journey that will bring you into a deeper connection and communion with yourself, and thus, with all of life.
  • This journey inward will be facilitated through hiking in Zion National Park, intuitive work with horses and connecting with animals as guides, canyoneering into the heart of the earth and learning permaculture principles.
  • You will discover and live, mindful movement through dance and yoga.

Join us for this opportunity to connect more deeply with all of life

What we will experience during our Mystical Journey to Zion


Nov 9 – Arrive to Zion, Ground, Connect

Nov 10 – Hiking in Zion National Park


A time to give offering to the land through sacred song and and ask permission to walk with her. While hiking we will pause to enjoy mystic yoga and pranayama while hiking alongside the river.   Easy to Moderate hiking.

Nov 11 – Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses


Working on the ground with horses in an intuitive way, we will explore and work with boundaries, showing up authentically so we can deeply connect, as well as see blocks to connection through their wisdom. No horse experience required.

Nov 12 – Hiking in Zion National Park in The Narrows


Hike through the mellow Virgin River surrounded by 2,000 ft ancient sandstone walls. A time for introspection and deep listening. Moderate hiking.

Nov 13 – Permaculture Teachings


Visit a local farm known worldwide for its art and permaculture teachings. Spend the day learning how to work with and honor the land in a good way through local teachers.

Nov 14 – Canyoneering


Canyoneering is an opportunity to go deeply into the heart of the earth and yourself. Facing any old stories of what we thought we could or couldn’t do. We will be lead by a local guide who walks this path in a good way. Canyoneering does not require any previous experience and is suitable for anyone and everyone.

Nov 15 – Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses


Revist the Horses and integrate your experiences and see reflections of how you may be showing up in a new way. With the horses, and with life.

Nov 16 – Connect, Ground, Depart


Where is Zion National Park ?


Zion National Park is located in the United States, Utah, less then an hour’s drive from Arizona. An area truly blessed with fortune, given the incalculable natural wonders that arise in a rather restricted and rather inaccessible area.

Zion is reached by flying at one of the main international airports available (Phoenix, Salt Lake City and especially Las Vegas, the closest) and then driving through the wonderful roads that dominate the imagination of many travelers: the I-15 is the most nearby artery of great communication available, while the US-89 is certainly the most suggestive alternative.

You can go to Zion in any season, provided you keep in mind that in some periods park of the park may be banned due to snow. Schedules will adjust as needed to accommodate for safety.


Limited to 10 participants


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Who are your CHAKRUNA mystic guides?


Leah Dietzen

Mystic Guide 

Leah Dietzen has been walking the path with animals and the land since she was a little girl, but the spiritual journey was amplified following a near death experience. She is a student and teacher of many different esoteric spiritual teachings, is a Pranic Energy Healer and Animal Communicator/Trainer. Teaches yoga, dance, and loves working with and deeply listening to the land. She believes in a balanced approach to walking this path and brings light hearted humor into the journey to add perspective, playfulness and fun.


Lorenzo Olivieri


Codounder CHAKRUNA The Orgasmic Way of Living

An explorer of ancestral cults and mystical traditions of ancient peoples, he experiments on himself the knowledge he discovers and spreads, in union between body, mind and spirit. He organizes mystical journeys with his friend and colleague Jacopo Tabanelli, with whom he discovered the Myth of the Orgasmic Way of Living by founding the mystical exploration company CHAKRUNA. Since 2015, together with Jacopo, he has accompanied more than 60 explorers on a mystical journey to what they call Peru Visionary. He will start from 12 July to 22 August 2019 to handle the new CHAKRUNA TEMPORARY LODGE in Peru in the Sacred Valley and the launch of the SOS AMAZôNIA Benefit Festival. He teaches the Yoga of the 7 Tibetan Rites, and shares this discipline all over the world. In addition, since 2016 he is a certified teacher of contact with invisible masters (spirit guides) from the method of Igor Sibaldi. (famous Italian Philosopher and Theologian).  




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