Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the terms and conditions below.


These General Conditions of Contract govern the sale, at a distance or not, of the Admission Securities (hereafter defined) carried out by the Cultural Association CHAKRUNA CVM (as defined below).

The online publication of these General Conditions of Contract and the confirmation of the purchase order provided by CHAKRUNA CVM to the Member of the Association and Consumer are valid as "confirmation of the contract concluded on a durable medium" pursuant to art. 51, paragraph 7 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 ("Consumer Code"). Every person who signs up for an itinerant event or seminar with the mystical travel company CHAKRUNA also becomes a member of the association.


The following definitions apply to the present general terms and conditions of contract, it being understood that the definitions in the plural will apply to the relative term in the singular and vice versa:

CHAKRUNA CVM (Mystical Travel Company) is a legally recognized cultural association operating in the field of the dissemination of spiritual and cultural research through events, seminars, conferences and fairs related to the cultures of different peoples of the world. Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 49 of the Consumer Code, the identification data of CHAKRUNA CVM are as follows: CHAKRUNA CVM cod.fisc.91169550406 based in Rimini in Via Santa Aquilina 56 tel. 3287331473 - 3200214044 website: www.chakruna.org Lorenzo Olivieri and Jacopo Tabanelli, President and Vice President of the Association. CLICK HERE to download the deed of incorporation.

For any requests and / or complaints, please contact only our email info@chakruna.org

Member Association: it is the subject that establishes the purchase of the Entry Title, of fairs, events or seminars by electronic means (eg websites and tablet / smartphone applications) or through the network of CHAKRUNA CVM collaborators affiliated to CHAKRUNA CVM.

Mystic Guide: it is the subject that guides the associative member, during the traveling seminars in Italy or abroad.

Associate Contract: it is the contract established between CHAKRUNA CVM and the Member of the association for the purchase of the Admission Title. This contract is governed by these General Conditions of Contract, by the various requirements indicated in the individual phases of the distance purchase process, where applicable, and the warnings on the purchased ticket.

Contract: the Sales Contract governed by these General Terms and Conditions.

Bearer of the Entry Title: it is the subject that legitimately holds and in compliance with these General Conditions of Contract an Entry Title purchased by the Member of the Association.

Event or Itinerant Seminar: it is the manifestation, the show, the seminar or the representation in Italy or abroad where the Entry Title (payment of the quota) gives the Holder of the Entry Title the right of access.

Festival: it is the manifestation, the show or the representation to which the Entrance Title attributes the right of access and in which the performance of several artists is foreseen in the context of the same Event.

Organizer: it is CHAKRUNA CVM intended as the organizing entity of the Event with regard to which the relevant Entry Title has been issued, with which the Sales Contract is concluded.

Admission title: it is also the receipt in digital format of the payment issued by the person concerned, who becomes a member of the association, issued by CHAKRUNA CVM which legitimizes the Holder of the Entry Title to access to the Event Site.

Place of the Event: it is the whole of the buildings and the land that constitute the places of development of a specific Event.


All holders of Entry Titles must have a valid Entry Title (also digital receipt) to access the Seminary Place. The rules applicable to the Member of the Association as they are known in relation to the individual Event or in any case applicable to the Member or to the Event apply to them.

The Entry Title must be purchased through the sales channels operated by CHAKRUNA CVM or by a person authorized by CHAKRUNA CVM to share the Entry Titles. In the event that the Entry Title has been purchased by the Member of the Association from subjects other than those indicated above or if the Entry Title has been lost, stolen, duplicated or obtained in contrast with these General Conditions of Contract, the Holder of the Entry Title may not be authorized by the Organizer to access the Event Site or may be forced to abandon it.

The Entry Title can not be assigned by the Associate Member for consideration and can not be the subject of intermediation.

CHAKRUNA CVM may at any time cancel, upon request of the authorities responsible for protecting the order and public safety, an entry ticket already issued or a purchase order already made for technical and / or organizational reasons (other than those provided for in the following point 7) and where problems arise with regard to the actual payment by the Member of the Association of the Entrance Title.

The Member of the Association is entitled, in the event of cancellation of the seminar or event by CHAKRUNA CVM, to the total reimbursement of the price of the Entry ticket paid as well as other expenses paid to CHAKRUNA CVM (including shipping costs if the shipment is not already carried out) according to the methods and timing established by the Organizer, unless the cancellation depends on the failure to effectively pay the Entry Ticket by the Customer.

The price of the Entry Title is the one communicated by the Organizer at the time of closing the purchase operation of the Entry Title by the Associate Member. The eventual lower price that after the purchase by the Associative Member was applied by the Organizer to Entry Titles of the same type or with regard to Events to be held on a particular date, will not give the Associate Member the right to reimbursement of the difference.

CHAKRUNA CVM reserves the right to apply for applications and selection to the seminars and events, for reasons of security, limitations and exclusions to the payment instruments that can be used by the Member for the payment of the Admissions purchased.


The price of the Admission Certificates is that shown after the selection of the Associate Member on the Entry Title itself, including any pre-sale rights applied by the Organizer. CHAKRUNA CVM applies, on each sales transaction as remuneration of the digital payment services offered by third parties, service fees according to the agreements in place and, in any case, at its discretion. These fees are explicitly highlighted with the most suitable methods in correlation with the different sharing channels used by CHAKRUNA CVM.

The purchaser who automatically becomes a Member of the Association acknowledges that having the Contract for the object the supply of products, services, seminars and events related to leisure time for which the supplier undertakes to provide the latter at a date or in a period of specific execution, the right of withdrawal provided for by the art. 52 of the Consumer Code. N.B. The CHAKRUNA CVM Mystical Travel Company of spontaneous will on the part of the managers, comes against the associative members, reimbursing 50% of the admission ticket if the member can no longer attend the seminar or event for any reason within the 15th day before the departure of the itinerant seminar and event. After this date no refund or replacement is possible.

The buyer member in case of his non-participation (at an event, seminar or other) if there are any expenses that the mystic guides or CHAKRUNA CVM managers have carried out to carry out his activity he is obliged to pay them in full

The right of withdrawal is instead applied with reference to the distance sale of physical assets other than the Entry Certificates to Seminars and Events or expenses, unless such physical assets fall into the categories for which the same right of withdrawal is expressly excluded from the art . 59 of the Consumer Code. In this case, the right of withdrawal may be exercised within 14 days from the date on which the Associate Member has acquired the physical possession of the purchased good, by sending an explicit declaration of the decision to withdraw from the contract through the email address info @ chakruna.org

In the case of postponement or cancellation of the Seminar or Event CHAKRUNA CVM will inform the Associative Member of the initiatives taken in relation to the reimbursement or replacement of the Admission Certificates related to the Event postponed or canceled.

Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 7.1 above, in no case may the Associative Member request from CHAKRUNA CVM the reimbursement of payment commissions, of any insurance premiums, of shipping costs (where this method of delivery of the Entry Certificates has been chosen by the customer).

Entry Titles relating to such Seminars and Events can not be exchanged with Entry Certificates related to other Event Seminars, unless confirmed by CHAKRUNA CVM managers.

Where the Event consists of a Festival, the listing on the CHAKRUNA CVM website of the names of the participating artists must however be considered indicative, and therefore where one or more artists envisaged as participants does not attend the Event or is replaced, such non-participation or substitution can under no circumstances be considered as cancellation of the Event, unless the Event itself is canceled by the Organizer as a whole.

In any case, CHAKRUNA CVM will not replace the Entry Title in the event that it is lost, lost, deteriorated, damaged or destroyed or if the Entry Title has been stolen or is also partially illegible as presented by the Associate Member not perfectly intact.


In case of registration at the seminar or event by electronic means, the Associate Member has the possibility to print the Entry Titles at home, after having filled in the declaration of responsibility and sent to the managers and mystic guides of the seminars and sent the deposit and balance as agreed. the Customer must adopt all the specifications indicated on the website www.chakruna.org

Except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, CHAKRUNA CVM assumes no responsibility (as written in the declaration of responsibility that the member signs, click here to read a similar fact) for expenses and for damages, direct and indirect, of any nature suffered by the Associate Member in connection with the registration to the seminar or event. CHAKRUNA CVM also reserves the right, except with reference to a transaction already concluded with an Associate Member, to withdraw, modify, suspend or discontinue any function or service rendered by it in connection with the sale of the Admission Securities, where this is made necessary or appropriate for technical and / or organizational reasons.

Even if any of the rules set out in these General Terms and Conditions of Contract is inapplicable, the others will continue to be fully effective.

The Contract is subject to Italian law.

Competent to decide any and all controversy arising from or in any case connected with the Contract and these General Conditions of Contract will be the Court of residence or domicile of the Consumer or, in other cases, exclusively that of Rimini.

These General Conditions of Contract, the various prescriptions indicated in the steps of the distance selling process, where applicable, and the notices on the Entry Title constitute the entire contractual agreement between the Associate Member and CHAKRUNA CVM.

For any request related to: be removed from the mailing list, request access to your data, display complaints, rectify information, write to info@chakruna.org