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A new adventure begins from Peru.


Whenever we stop talking about ourselves and our world, the world always remains as it should be. With this dialogue of ours we renew it, we infuse it with life, we support it. Not only that: it is while we talk to ourselves that we choose our paths. We then repeat the same choices until the day of death, because until that day we continue to repeat the same things to ourselves: a warrior is aware of this attitude and tries to stop his inner dialogue.

(Carlos Castañeda)

I am in Peru on a day at the end of January, still not aware that in the following months the end of an era will come and the beginning of a new world, a new humanity.

Reading this unpublished text to the end, I will take you to make some important reflections and, if you have not yet done so, to write your inspirations for a new humanity that you inevitably had during your quarantine.

With Vanessa, we wonder if we can finally take some time to rest and recharge by the end of February. Let's start thinking about it: at that time we don't have mystical journeys to drive, so we can potentially leave to explore South America. In the meantime, we communicate closely with my dear friend, companion in adventures and partner Jacopo Tabanelli who in these weeks is in Myanmar with Allegra, his girlfriend, for a journey of exploration in Asia. We hear from each other every day because in these days, it seems that the situation of a seemingly lethal virus, called Corona, from the city of Wuhan in China has lost control and there are currently many deaths. Jacopo asks me for information to find out what the situation is like here in Peru, where everything seems calm and there is no trace of this virus.

A little worried about the situation, I call my mother in Italy, knowing that the company she works for has relations with China. In fact, she confirms the problem and that the company has blocked all travel to Asia. So I understand that even if the situation (in the countries where we are) is calm, this emergency situation in China could expand. I hope not and continue my life, and my chance to travel to explore other areas of South America.

The month of February is coming and in these days, a dear colleague organizer of the San Marino Green Festival, calls me to propose a new mission: to go to Uruguay and interview the former President José Mujica on issues relating to climate change and current world crises we are experiencing. I accept and propose a project related to this interview. It is approved! From that moment on, we have activated our institutional contacts around the world and we try to locate Mujica. Some say it is in Uruguay, others say it is in Europe, until news from Ansa tells us that the former Uruguayan president is in Valencia for an important conference on climate change.

We discover that our own questions have already been proposed in one of his online interviews. After a few weeks of research, therefore, my Uruguayan mission fades and I return to the search for a new experience that will give me the opportunity to learn about new models of life, new cultures and spiritual knowledge. I'm officially looking for a new trip,

maybe alone, when suddenly Vanessa tells me that she knows a meeting of native populations that takes place every year on one of the most remote beaches of Panama in Central America. He has been wanting to go there for many years and shares the website of this mega event called Tribal Gathering with me. I immediately discover that it is a unique event on Earth. It is more than a festival, I read that it is a place where the world comes together, where time has transcended, ancient and modern converge in symbiotic harmony, the tribes share their precious ancestral wisdom while the musicians invoke the pathos of the imagination.

Inter-religious dialogue blends with a rich heritage of inner and outer well-being, creativity, alternative and esoteric cultures, active participation and love. This is where the Divine Spirit of dance is welcomed. It is a meeting point for indigenous communities around the world. A gathering of tribes, past and present, and of anyone who feels the call to participate in the celebrations. It takes place every year after the February full moon on Panama's Caribbean coast. My friend continually shows me news coming from the festival website every night and I realize that it is something I don't know.

I immediately find it very attractive given my openness now to new experiences. Despite this proposal, I decide to open up to other opportunities: I continue to look for places in the world to explore alone. I remember a dear friend of mine from my country of origin in the Marche, Filottrano, who in the 1990s decided to leave for Buenos Aires and find his dimension there. I haven't seen him for many years, and this is why the idea comes to mind of being able to leave for an "expedition" both in Uruguay and Argentina. The idea of moving to these two countries, for fifteen days or a month of traveling alone, tickles my desire: maybe something beautiful is waiting for me there?

In the meantime my current studies are increasingly moving towards what is a union of world spiritualities, from a universal and psychedelic point of view. Since 2014 I have started studying and practicing the ancient ceremonies with sacred plants, of which there are testimonies in numerous ancestral and mystical cultures in every part of the world, from Christianity to shamanism. These studies have brought me new awareness. These days I realize that many artists refer to this knowledge that comes from psychedelia. This term means: manifestation of our psyche, literally it is a derivative of the Greek words ψυχή (psykhé = conscience) and δῆλος (dêlos = clear, evident), that is clear to the conscience, in the sense also of “enlargement of the conscience”. Many of these experiences are induced by the administration of sacred medicinal plants, directly by shamans or curanderos. The study and experiences based on this knowledge have put me in front of this realization:

Mother Earth is our primordial teacher and if we learn to respect her and understand her signals, our life could really be better than the one that the human being currently lives.

The shamans know it well: for them the mountains are cathedrals and nature is their religion. I say this because in these days I am starting again to suffer from mild panic attacks, which I have not had for over three years. They usually arrive before I fall asleep. It is as if, just as I am falling asleep, my breathing stops. I can't catch my breath anymore, so I jump up because I feel like I'm going to die. It's something I can't control. This pushes me to seek natural remedies for this disorder, but at the same time also to find a new direction to change my life for the better. This trip to Uruguay and Argentina seems to be the right direction to be

able to devote myself completely to myself and meditate on this, even if at the same time there is something wrong with me. I am distracted by the gathering of native people of Panama: the Tribal Gathering. I often find myself watching videos, reading, learning more about this initiative and listening to music that brings me closer to that dimension. I find myself constantly looking at photos from past years on the festival website.

Continue to empathize with my situation, having time to start a new journey. What are the habits that guide the direction of your life? These moments in which different directions appear before our eyes are those in which we create our destiny, and it is very important to be as aware as possible of the future we are creating.

So I'm realizing that I have a crossroads in front of me: going to my friend in Buenos Aires or living the experience of the Tribal Gathering? Not being able to decide right away, I dedicate myself to reading and walking in nature. In these days, a great flood of the Wilkamayu River, which bathes the town of Pisac, makes life in the country impossible and we are all working hard to help families affected by the flood. Fortunately, no injuries or major damage received. Peruvians are kind of used to this type of natural disaster. They say that when they happen Mother Earth is communicating something to us. I too start to think like them, I need a change and the right moment has come to make the decision. During a dinner with another Italian friend of ours Vistar, who lives near us, here in the Sacred Valley of the Inka (which starts from Cuzco and goes beyond Urubamba, about 5 hours from Machu Picchu), chatting with Vanessa we begin to talk of Panama, and we realize that everything is leading us in that direction. It is as if we perceive an important attraction towards this type of experience. Speaking, everything becomes clear very quickly. Vistar asks me if we have already decided, we look into each other's eyes and say: “yes, let's go!”.

In the meantime, communication with Jacopo is increasingly constant and in these days, as his visa in Myanmar is expiring, he and his girlfriend decide to move from Burma to Bali, which they both know very well, having already organized a spiritual retreat there. - called a retreat - six months earlier. These days the coronavirus situation seems to be expanding in other Asian countries, but in South America and Italy it still seems that the situation is under control.

New messages from my invisible masters.


Go ahead, enter your personal afterlife, and you begin to realize that you can overcome thresholds that you did not even see before, and take giant steps: it depends only on you, on your inner courage.

(Igor Sibaldi)

We begin to inquire about how to participate in the Tribal Gathering. I realize that Vanessa already knows a lot of people from this organization, including an Italian DJ who has been called for this initiative. Yes, because in addition to the native indigenous peoples who come from all over the world, there are also numerous musicians who share their culture through their sound vibrations, making the participants dance every night. Even if my mind constantly asks me a lot of doubts about every new action we want to do, I don't lose heart and

continue my search for tickets. One evening, tired of thinking, I decide to start a transcendental technique that I often use to find answers from my intuition, and listen to what my spirit suggests to me.

When I'm in times like this, I take my time and ask questions of what I call my "Invisible Masters" or "Spirit Guides". It is a methodology devised by one of my mentors, Igor Sibaldi, with which I can interrogate areas of my wider psyche and receive answers from an extra- ordinary dimension of existence. It's a bit like doing a hypnosis or a shamanic journey: during these psychic consultations, you are the one who guides the inner journey and at the same time the one who travels.

Thanks to this deep self-guided meditation, I receive important messages from my unconscious that tell me to leave for Panama for several reasons: the first is that I will meet a Swedish traveler friend of mine, of whom I lost track just ten days ago here in Pisac. The other reason is that in Panama I will meet a person who will offer me the opportunity to live like in a movie. These messages have only made me more confused, but I still decide to follow them because when the contact with the "Spirit Guides" is genuine, the messages are so precise that they are astounding.

Before falling asleep I keep looking online for information on tickets, when suddenly I see a comment in particular in the facebook event: my dear Swedish traveler friend, who is in Colombia, asks the organizers of the big event, if there are some steps by car or bus to reach Panama. I can hardly believe that this person I met ten days earlier, of whom I lost track, is deciding to go to the same place we want to go: my "Spirit Guides" had already told me. The first sign has arrived, and I realize that the new direction of my existence is taking me more and more towards Panama. The next day, I open social media and I receive a message from a girl who works in the organization of the festival and tells me that a friend of hers cannot go, and she offers me to buy a ticket at a discounted price: even if we are doubtful about who this girl is - whether she is a scam or not - I take that as the second message!

So I decide to try my luck and ask if his friend has another ticket by chance, because I intend to go there with Vanessa. After a few days of waiting this person tells me yes: he has two tickets at a discounted price. Thus we realize, after some checks, that she is a woman of flesh and blood and really friends with a boy who cannot participate.

Try in this passage to hear what you would have done in my situation: if you would have trusted to send money to a person you met on facebook? When making decisions, how do you know your actions are right? How do you gain confidence in your decisions?

We trust, we send the money via western union and we take plane tickets to Panama City. Arrival day on the first of March, which corresponds to the second day of the festival.

We start preparing for departure, but the sooner I dedicate myself to work because the closer to departure the more I feel I have to delegate much of my digital activity to our Mystical Travel Company. I am preparing for a big change in my life. These days I spend most of my day online, chatting with our team and working on our projects. There is no

balance between my life in nature and the digital one and I understand that some panic attacks come from this.

In the morning I have my usual routine, yoga of the seven Tibetan rites, meditation, reading and writing but this is no longer enough for me: my healthy habits are no longer necessary to contain the creative process that is about to be born. The digital world just isn't helping me right now. Despite my spiritual and nutritional knowledge, I am always outside of myself, I am not fully aware of what is happening inside me, constantly waiting for the umpteenth notification that changes my life. Day after day, I begin to feel that my passionate approach to work sometimes becomes obsessive and is not doing me any good. At the same time I want to finish my work delegations to be able to enjoy fifteen days in nature, so I can't give myself many breaks.

My nights have gone sleepless, my stress is rising to levels that I begin to not bear. I don't remember when I didn't take two weeks just for myself. Luckily my friend and colleague Jacopo together with some of our collaborators begins to understand me and support me in my choice. In these days I finish the delegation work and we hire two part-time collaborators who begin to help us in the work that I can no longer follow, especially social media marketing.

February 29th arrives, the day of our flight. So I decide to buy a nice tent, a hammock and take a diary with me. I alert all my friends from the Sacred Valley and we get ready to leave. Backpacking, we leave for the Cuzco airport. In the days of preparation for our departure to Panama, we received news from Italy, where there seems to be a first case of a person suffering from coronavirus. I call my mother and I feel that the situation is still under control, I feel calm and it seems that that person affected by the virus in Northern Italy has been isolated. I inform you of my current departure for Panama. Clearly at the beginning, like all mothers, she is not happy that her child is around the world at the moment, but I make her understand that the decision I made is something that comes from my deep reflection, she understands and I gives his blessing.

The blessing of one's mother always has a good effect. In this moment I feel that my roots make peace with my wings, I feel light, happy, I am ready to leave with joy in my heart.

I'm sure: this experience that is waiting for me is just what I need now.

Now that - after reading the entire book - you have also discovered how I decided to leave for Panama and live one of the most meaningful experiences in my life, I invite you to do an exercise that has the potential to change yours for the better too. existence. Start writing in a journal (if you haven't) the inspirations you received while reading the book and compare them with the reflections you probably did during your quarantine. The experience that all of us have had in quarantine, if we give it the right importance and do not ignore it, is about to open us to a new vision of humanity and will allow us to undertake small changes, which in a few decades they will become epochal changes. Do you feel ready to make these changes that you also felt during your quarantine? Write them in your diary and if you want, publish them! If you like the idea, write a book yourself with the title: My Quarantine ... Complete the title on what kind of quarantine you have experienced and tell your inspirations to the world as I did. They will be of great help and will help you not to forget what we have all

experienced. Don't take this last exercise for granted, just do it! If you don't want to publish a book, tell it on social media and write this hashtag #lamiaquarantenanellagiungla to make sure that both me and all the people who have read this book can read everyone's inspirations.

Good Inspiration, let's let this new Humanity be born together.